Progress Pickleball
Progress Pickleball Club Launches its New Website
by Rahemin Nanji
Net Reliant recently had the privilege of designing and developing a new web presence for the Progress Pickleball Club. We ensured that it was modern, mobile-ready, and responsive.

Progress Pickleball launched its new website so that its club members would have another means of staying informed. In addition to email announcements and email newsletters, club members now have an alternative method to obtain relevant club information and updates.

An important feature of the new site is its mobile-readiness and ability to present content for a variety of different devices.

Depending on the browser resolution of the device accessing the website, content can go from being presented in a stacked format to a more horizontal layout.

This means that for narrow displays like smartphones, the Progress Pickleball website stacks the content without sacrificing any presentation elements.

For wider displays such as tablets and monitors, the website automatically adjusts the content using multiple columns as it knows a wider viewport is being used.

Congratulations to the Progress Pickleball Club on their new website.

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